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Production / Series / Limitation




The Lightillions are little pieces of art whose design is based on banknotes. Sales are 100% donations. The artist Jochen Wojtas (me) paints on pre-printed forms ( you can have a look at them as dummies for unfinished Lightillion notes in the gallery). These preprints have been printed on stiff cardboard via laser printing technology and I am going to paint them by hand with high-quality acrylics and thus turn them into unique pieces of art.

Series / Waves & Limitation :

There are several series. These differ from each other by the nominal value of the Lightillion notes. For example, all 100 Lightillion banknotes together are one series or – as I prefer to call it – a wave. Each wave has a certain limitation. When all copies of one wave are sold, there will never be a new Lightillion note of this nominal value again.

In short: Wave 1 with a nominal value of 100 Lightillions is limited to 20 copies. When these copies are sold, there will be no further 100 Lightillion banknotes.

Waves / limitations planned for now:

Wave 1: 100 Lightillions / limited to 20 copies – motive: fly agaric

Wave 2: 200 Lightillions / limited to 20 copies – motive: universe / cosmic energy

Wave 3: 500 Lightillions / limited to xx copies – motive: yet strictly secret


Please read „Become a lightillionaire!“ if you want to reserve a certain number of future waves.



15 April 2008
Launch of

Wave 1:
100 Lightillions

Copies / Limitation: 20 copies (every one a unique copy)
Motive: fly agaric


No.1 – My own copy / first donation
No. 2 – 10 Until 30 May 2008: Option-to-buy for recent GeheimeKunst customers
Reservations possible as of now, 8 reservations so far

No. 11-20 Reservations possible as of now, 9 reservations so far
(Please have a look at the gallery in order to see which notes have already been reserved. The unfinished notes are also shown as blank pre-print dummies. Below each number you can see whether it has already been reserved.)



30 April 2008 Start of reservation for

Wave 2:
200 Lightillions

Copies / limitation: 20 copies
Motiv: universe

No. 1 – 10 Option-to-buy for recent GeheimeKunst customers
Reservations possible as of now, 4 reservations so far
(Deadline for release of still available copies for everbody unknown so far)
No. 11 – 20 Reservations possible as of now, 2 reservations so far





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Painter / Artist: Jochen Wojtas from Crailsheim near Schwäbisch Hall has his virtual gallery of Lightillions here.
Lightillions - Project. Art projoct for the collection of donations for a good cause. Preservation of nature, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Peace Prize awardee Dr. Vandana Shiva / Indien, Non-profit, charity, banknotes of the Emporium of Light.
Ideal for collectors as it is a distinguished collectable. Limited, numbered, unique.
Technique: acrylics on paper / card – painting / photography / photographer / designer / design/ web design / fashion / poet / author / writer / poetry / poems / Emo / spirituality / magic / mystic / magician