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Are you my new sponsor?

As already mentioned, my work for the Lightillion project is complimentary. Unfortunately I cannot produce the money for the material, hosting and other related costs just like that. I work in order to finance this project, thus I would be quite glad if somebody supported me.

Maybe you like my artwork and would like to help me develop the Emporium of Light and to initiate more projects like the Lightillions. Go on! I have countless ideas and am full of beans. However, most of those ideas exceed my means or at least my available time. Maybe there is somebody out there who feels like answering my wish by fulfilling it.

How can you support me?

- Spread the information on my work (word-of-mouth, links on your website etc.)

- Convince the media to report on me, make gallery owners exhibit or sell my artwork

- Buy my artwork and convince others to do the same

- Rent sponsor space on my website (see information below)

- Enable me to spend more time on the Emporium of Light by making direct donations to me

Please note: I am no non-profit organization in the legal sense – I want and have to point to this. All proceeds and donations will be documented for tax purposes and all corresponding taxes will be paid. Please understand that I cannot realize all requests since, for example, I need to make a certain choice regarding link placement. However, please do not hesitate to send your request; I will appreciate each of them – independent from feasibility.

Sponsor Links:

If you want to support me financially, you can choose if you want to do this anonymously or officially.

If you wish an official support, you can do this by placing a link on this website. That means you can place your (company) banner here on my website. Your advantage: You can reach a certain audience and will benefit from my marketing activities including public relations.

If you are interested, please send your ideas via email to:





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Painter / Artist: Jochen Wojtas from Crailsheim near Schwäbisch Hall has his virtual gallery of Lightillions here.
Lightillions - Project. Art projoct for the collection of donations for a good cause. Preservation of nature, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Peace Prize awardee Dr. Vandana Shiva / Indien, Non-profit, charity, banknotes of the Emporium of Light.
Ideal for collectors as it is a distinguished collectable. Limited, numbered, unique.
Technique: acrylics on paper / card – painting / photography / photographer / designer / design/ web design / fashion / poet / author / writer / poetry / poems / Emo / spirituality / magic / mystic / magician