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Reservation / How to get your Lightillion!




Reserve your Lightillion banknote!

Are you interested in donating money for a good cause and in return receiving a piece of art as a gift, a piece with a steadily increasing collector’s value, if you are lucky?!

I am offering you the opportunity to reserve a note resp. a certain number in case the note has not been finished yet. Normally I do not sell pictures in advance but only when they are finished. Since the demand for the Lightillions has already become higher than the available numbers, you can make a reservation for your Lightillions so that nobody can snatch the note from under your nose when it is ready.

Reservations are BINDING; you thus commit yourself to actually purchase the note when you reserve it.

Important notice regarding costs: You donate the nominal value of the Lightillions (conversion rate 1:10) directly to the benefit recipient. You have to pay the transfer fee as well as the shipping costs of 4,30 EUR (in germany, for other please ask me) for insured dispatch so that your Lightillions arrive with you in good order. No further hidden costs.

I will upload the notes to the Lightillion gallery as soon as they are finished. If the note is not reserved at that moment, everybody may buy it immediately. You can see in the gallery which notes are reserved and which are not (marked under the number of the note, if reserved).

In order to buy or reserve a Lightillion banknote, please send an email to:

Please read „Become a lightillionaire!“ on the left if you want to reserve a certain number of all future waves.





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Painter / Artist: Jochen Wojtas from Crailsheim near Schwäbisch Hall has his virtual gallery of Lightillions here.
Lightillions - Project. Art projoct for the collection of donations for a good cause. Preservation of nature, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Peace Prize awardee Dr. Vandana Shiva / Indien, Non-profit, charity, banknotes of the Emporium of Light.
Ideal for collectors as it is a distinguished collectable. Limited, numbered, unique.
Technique: acrylics on paper / card – painting / photography / photographer / designer / design/ web design / fashion / poet / author / writer / poetry / poems / Emo / spirituality / magic / mystic / magician