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Lord Pus



Lord Puss de Blum – Minister of Light of the Emporium of Light:

This site is under construction. Until further notice here is some basic information:

  • Lord Puss is one of the Ministers of Light of the Emporium of Light.
  • The Ministers of Light serve the inspiration, expression and realisation of the Emporium of Light.
  • Each Minister of Light has his own specific skills and areas of responsibility.
  • Lord Puss takes care of the non-profit aspects of
  • Lord Puss is responsible for the distribution and promotion of the Lightillions.


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More information on Lord Puss:
The uniform of Lord Puss was designed and produced by the artist Jochen Wojtas.

Here you find some photographs of Lord Puss:





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Painter / Artist: Jochen Wojtas from Crailsheim near Schwäbisch Hall has his virtual gallery of Lightillions here.
Lightillions - Project. Art projoct for the collection of donations for a good cause. Preservation of nature, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Peace Prize awardee Dr. Vandana Shiva / Indien, Non-profit, charity, banknotes of the Emporium of Light.
Ideal for collectors as it is a distinguished collectable. Limited, numbered, unique.
Technique: acrylics on paper / card – painting / photography / photographer / designer / design/ web design / fashion / poet / author / writer / poetry / poems / Emo / spirituality / magic / mystic / magician